How to make your own fabulous tablecloth weights

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Pinch clips can be purchased from office supply stores but we took these from existing lanyards and name badges lying around the house. Great project to recycle items! We didn't spend a dime.

These are the essential tools anyone might have for beading projects.

Seashells with natural holes are easy enough to come by. These came directly from the seashore.

Depending on the size of your outdoor table plan for one tablecloth weight for each 20 - 24" inches. For a 50" round table and corresponding tablecloth we made five tablecloth weights.

5 Weights: √ 15 shells √ 15 pieces of seaglass √ 10 beads √ 5 pieces of wire cut to 10" + 15 random lengths

Using random lengths of wire (4" - 6") artistically wrap each piece of sea glass tucking under end of wire and pulling through on the last wrap around on each piece.

Now you have all your components ready for assembly. Here we have three pieces, a piece of white, aqua and green sea glass to decorate each weight.

Final Assembly: Use one 10" piece of 24 gauge wire, loop through first shell and leave just shy of 1" of wire on the short end to finish the first end.

Thread two beads and a crimp tube over both wires. Don't worry about any wire sticking out, the next shell will cover it.

Thread through the next shell, in this case the long one.

Loop wire through top shell to set length.

Thread three sea glass wires through top shell and through the hole in the pinch clip and twist to finish. Snip 3 shorter wires, wrap with longer wire and thread down through top shell to hide.

Ready to hang! These are really quite random. Use beads colors to coordinate with your decor. Add more shells or sea glass if you desire. All five were completed in under an hour.

Have fun and personalize to suit your needs. Any item you add needs to be outdoor worthy and fade proof. Tablecloth weights are a fun hostess gift! :)

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