How to make kit kat brownies

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Kit kats are the main ingredients for these brownies.

This is the brownie mix that we used to create our brownies.

We had to get a decent sized bowl to mix the ingredients in!

eggs were another main ingredient for these brownies

We then added water as well

starting to pour the ingredients into the bowl.

Butter was next

This was the spoon used to mix everything together

Canola oil was the last main ingredient used

Mixing it all together!

while we were mixing we preheat the oven to 450 to get it ready

the pan we poured our batter into

We then unwrapped the kit kat and placed it in the batter.

poured on the second layer of batter so that the kit kat would cook nicely in the center

Kit kats in the batter

about to place them in the oven!

Placing it in the oven to cook

Still cooking!

As the brownies were cooking we then soaked and washed the dishes while waiting

They werent completely ready so we had to place them back into the oven to cook a bit longer!

Finally finished!

we then turned the oven off since we were done cooking

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