How to make spicy chili

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Sauté diced onion and minced garlic in a saucepan with garlic and olive oil. When the onions are soft, add the ground beef.

These are all the spices you need. This chili depends on your tastes. I made this pretty hot, but definitely adjust as needed. I also really believe in seasoning more than once.

As you are browning the meat, add about a table spoon of each spice and just a pinch of salt. I don't really like adding too much salt to my food.

Get your chili base ready. I drained the beans completely after opening. You can give them a rinse if you like, but it isn't super necessary.

Add all the beans, crushed tomatoes and half the can of tomato paste.

Give it a bit of a stir to make sure everything is incorporated.

Now add the beef and onion mixture. You can drain the meat or use a slotted spoon so the grease is off.

Now it's time to get crazy with the seasoning! I didn't put measurements in the ingredients because it's really a recipe you should tailor for your tastebuds :)

A few good shakes of the paprika

Add this to taste.

I added quite a bit of chili powder because I wanted this extra spicy.

Again this pepper to your taste

Give this another good stir and then cover and set to low. Set the timer for 4-5 hours depending on the time you have.

Serve with a dollop of sour cream. We also cooked up a batch of rice to put the chili over. You can also chop up some green onions and some shredded cheddar cheese. Bon Apetit!!

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