How to reuse a puffs tissue box

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Here is what you start out with... A box! Time to start crafting.

Cut the edges off, but don't cut the entire thing off!

Trace it on a note book paper.

Cut it out and apply (glue) to the bottom of the tissue box.

This is just a suggestion, but if you have a book, tear out some pieces.

Add them to the side for decoration!

I added duct tape to the sides as well.

All your going to want to do now is tape all the way across the front side of the tissue box.

Put some on the outside as well. The hole might still be visible, but it's gone!

This step is optional, you can either cut off the straps, or leave them for making a lid. I chose to snip them off.

Note: you can use the back side for notes, or a calendar.

You can use scrap paper or card board to separate certain things.

Here is your final product! You can also get creative with the front and add scrap paper, stickers, and many other decorations!

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