How to cook a chicken, bacon and leek pie

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A glug or two of olive oil and a slice of butter (temp: 6/9)

Dice up around 6-12 rashers of streaky bacon (I've used 8)

Dice up and onion and a clove of garlic

Butter and olive oil again with leaks (temp: 6/9)

With two leeks

Sprinkle a little paprika over all over the chicken

Dice up about 400g of chicken or 4 fillets

While cooking the leaks make sure they don't brown - if they do take off the heat, they should be done

Adding diced chicken

Push the previous onions and bacon to a side and let the chicken cook

That's not actually how much salt I added, but do add quite a large pinch! And pepper

Push the previous onions and bacon to a side and let the chicken cook

Add the leaks to the basin

We didn't have any home made chicken stock this week but add a stock cube to water and add to the mix

Add some single cream around 200ml

Increase the temp (8/9) and let the solution boil off and become thick and creamy

Sorry everyone! I forgot to take a photo before I loaded it into the oven. 1. Pour into a ceramic tray 2. Roll on the puff pastry 3. Put into the oven for about 30minutes at 200C fan



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