How to draw a fun fish

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Draw a small circle on your paper

Inside the first circle make a smaller circle. Draw a 'V' shape on the side of the small circle. Color the circle in.

Draw two curved lines. Draw one above and one below the eye.

Add a curved mouth shape.

Add a line inside the mouth from the roof of the mouth diagonally to the outside point on the bottom of the mouth.

Add a triangle shape for the tail, slightly curving all lines.

Add two fins.., one on the top and one on the bottom. I used curved rectangle shapes.

Draw a backward 'C' shaped curved line from the top of the body to the bottom.

Add some small curved lines for gills.

Add some lines to represent texture on the fins and the tail.

Start drawing scales. I use curved shapes and I stagger them in each row like a brick wall.

Fill up the space with scales or some other interesting pattern.

Add as many details as possible.

Inside the mouth, add a small triangle shape.

Add some small bubbles or a background for your fish.

Finished drawing, painted on wood with acrylics.

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