How to make trinidadian callalloo

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Wash thoroughly and cut off both ends of each ochro and slice it thinly ...

Next up, we are going to deal with the dasheen bush ( taro ) stalks . This is very important .

Separate the stalks from the leaves and wash the stalks properly to dislodge any dirt

Cut off both ends of each stalk and cut them into pieces

VERY IMPORTANT - either use gloves or coat your hands with oil as dasheen bush leaves are very itchy!! Wash and take the tip off each lead and discard it..if you do not do this your throat will itch!

Lay leaves one on top of the other, roll them up and slice them

This is how it should look when it's done..

Peel and wash your pumpkin and prepare to cut into small - medium cubes

This is the end result

Add the pumpkin to the ochro and dasheen bush leaves already in the pot

Add a pot spoonful of "green seasoning" (whether you buy it - Matouks/ Chief or make it yourself)

Add the coconut milk (not cream of coconut).

Add the cooking margarine aka known as "salt butter" to Trinidadians.... It is orange in colour not yellow. This is also the point where you throw the hot pepper (scotch bonnet) in...use a red one.

*tip* pour a little bit of vegetable oil on top of your callalloo so that it does not boil over ..

Cook on stovetop until dasheen bush leaves begin to wilt (25-30 mins)

Keep cooking till the pumpkin also begins to become soft to the touch. You should keep an eye on your pepper to make sure it hasn't burst (popped and made your dish hotter than you intended lol!!)

Look at it...should look like this...take out the pepper now! As you do not want to mistakenly blend it up !!

Keep boiling so by now it should have been on the stovetop for at least 45 mins

Now in batches, blend it up slightly... Not too fine...not too choppy... About 6 pulses on a medium setting should do it

Should look like this when you are done (this is not the traditional way -a specially made stick called a "swizzle stick" with wire coils at the top which is used to hand blend the callalloo)

Pour the blended batch into a container and keep blending

When all the batches are blended, return to pot and mix for consistency ..

Then put out into your container ...and there you have it - Trinidadian callaloo is more of a soup consistency than Jamaican callalloo (like sautéed spinach)...Eaten like sauce poured over rice or pie

Callalloo and Macaroni Pie (Trinidadian version of baked mac and cheese)...part of what we call "Sunday lunch" - a hearty meal eaten on Sunday with many dishes....the guide for the pie will be put up

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