How to draw daryl dixon from the walking dead 💀

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Today, we are going to learn how to draw Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, in honor of the season finale!

Take your printed reference photo, and transfer onto your drawing paper. You can use tracing paper for this step, or a light box (if you have one)

Begin to shade Daryl's hand and part of his shirt

Watch out for highlights and shadows! That's what makes a drawing realistic !

Begin working on the arrow. Be careful not to shade it heavily

Continue shading up the crossbow and arrow. Remember that the now is one color, black, so it should be easy, if you pay attention to the highlights :)

Finish the cross bow! It's looking great!

Play with the pencils a bit (if you need help drawing faces, check out my other guides!)

Pencil in hair, and remember the highlights :D

Sign and date your artwork! Nice job

Watch the video: Daryl Dixon SpeedartTWD

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