How to make spinach dhal (lentil soup)

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Take about 1 cup of dry toor dal (yellow split peas)

I use a pressure cooker to cook the dhal.

Once cooked, this is how it looks.

You can blanch some fresh spinach or use a block of frozen spinach as shown. If using frozen one, thaw and keep aside.

Chop some fresh ginger and green chillies.

Heat some oil and add a tsp of cumin seeds & half tsp of urad dhal.

Fry the fresh ginger and green chillies.

Mix in the cooked toor dhal and the spinach. Add a tsp of salt, according to taste.

Add a pinch of 'Hing' (asafoetida). And bring the dhal to boil.

Squeeze in half a lemon juice into the dhal.

Spinach Dhal is ready. Serve with rice or roti or as soup.

Watch the video: Easy and quick dal palak recipe for beginners in 15 min15 ನಮಷದಲಲ ಸಲಭವಗ ತಯರಸದ ದಲ ಪಲಕ

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