How to make your own laundry powder (detergent)

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All of these items can be found in the detergent isle, except for the baking soda, which is in the baking isle.

This will fill half of a 5 gallon bucket with laundry detergent! Yay!

Grate The Fels-Naptha Soap bars. This takes the longest of all the steps. Make sure you grate the short side of the bar.

You want short pieces so they're easier to measure out.

Pour half of everything into the bucket and mix.

Baking and Laundry soda.

Purex Crystals

Borax. BLEGH

Oxi Clean

Laundry Soap Bar

Then mix with a long handled wooden spoon.

MIX THIS WELL. If you are strong, put the lid on and then turn it as spin it and put it upside a few times and stir if you like.

The Purex bottle makes a perfect container for this! The cap even has measurements

All done! This costed about $40 to make. It lasted my family of four and the occasional nephew with college laundry over 18 months!

Hope you enjoyed this and try it out!

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