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Contests are now available on iPhone, iPad, and on the web. Download the latest version of the app or head to the web to enter! This guide will walk you through entering from your iPhone.

Update your Snapguide app (version 1.7.5 for iPhone, version 1.7.7 for iPad) and head to the Explore section. You will now see a contest at the top of the featured tab!

When you tap on the contest, you will be able to see more information, prize details, rules, and feature entries. To enter the contest, tap the orange button.

There will be a few quick reminders about contests, and a chance to check out the rules. Tap "I Agree" to continue.

You can submit either a new or existing guide and can submit as many guides as you'd like!

If you choose to submit an existing guide, you will be brought to a screen to select one of your guides.

If you choose to create a new guide, you will be asked to add a title for your guide. Make sure it's specific to what your guide is about!

You have now started a draft for your new guide! You can either start editing now or tap done to keep browsing the app.

Your draft can be found on your profile and will have a ribbon that says "Contest" as a reminder.

Before you publish your new guide, you will see a check box that is selected for entering the contest. Unchecking that box will remove your guide from the contest.

The contest deadline is displayed clearly on the contest page. You will be notified of the winners soon after the deadline. Good luck, we can't wait to see what you share!

Quick tips: 1- Read the contest summary for ideas and specifics on the theme. 2- Images in guides cannot be copyrighted images. 3- Creativity and photo quality go a long way in determining winners!

4- The more clear you are in your steps and supplies, the better! 5- Take photos of your steps! Clear steps and photos make for the most helpful How-To guides.

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