How to make homemade jerky

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Trim fat off hindquarter or front shoulder of deer. Cut meat off bone evenly. This will make it easier to slice.

Slice meat 1/4" to 1/8" thick on a meat slicer or by hand. I used a meat slicer which made it easier and more consistent.

Marinate sliced meat in container for at least 12 hours. Use large container so marinade has a chance to get to all parts. Stir mixture periodically throughout the marinating process.

You may use a food dehydrator or oven to cook the jerky. The batch in this picture took 17 hours to cook and dry because of the volume of meat in it.

Lay meat evenly on a perforated sheet pan or rack. Put the combination oven in convection mode and set temperature to 180 degrees with fully open vent/browning. Cook for 4 hours.

Remove after 4 hours and place in cook and hold or holding oven. Set temperature to 165 degrees for 5 hours minimum.

This recipe produces a thin, hard and flavorful jerky that you will enjoy for months!

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