How to create a back and forth bracelet on loom

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Start here

With a different color, go here

Add a same color band here


And here! This is your first box.

Time to start another box. Go here


And here

Finally here.

Another on in the middle




You should be getting it now, but I will show you some more.

This is the looping diagram from my book. Just follow this when adding bands. Remember, for the first one you do, you have to put a band on the bottom right.

Here is the pattern.

For some, this pattern may not cover your whole loom. These pics are from a rainbow loom book. I have a crazy loom.

Hope fully you have figured out the pattern now, so continue it all the way up and stop when you get to the top for further instruction.

Flip your loom over. Get your hook ready.

Once it is flipped over, you can hook.

Push down all pegs.

This is the hooking diagram.

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