How to sew a "carry-all" bag

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Create pattern out of newspaper: Cut 1 - 26" x 6" pattern piece. Cut 1 - 20" x 20" pattern piece. Cut out 2 - 3"x3" pieces out of the bottom 2 corners. Cut 1 - 8" x 8" pattern piece

Cut fabric 2-26"x 6" for straps. 2-20" x 20" for outer fabric. 2-20" x 20" for loner. 2-20" x 20" for interfacing onto outer fabric. 2- 8" x 8" for pocket

Sew pocket leaving small center piece open. Trim sides with pinking shears, trim corners to reduce bulk, and turn right side out.

Sew right sides together of 8"x8" squares for pocket. Leave small opening in the center of one side. Iron, pink with shears, trim corners, turn right side out.

Sew pocket on to liner fabric with opening of pokey on bottom. Sew 3 sides of pocket, leaving top of pocket open for use.

Iron interfacing into outer fabric. Interfacing goes on the wrong side of fabric. Sticky side always down(touching fabric not iron).

Leave center of bottom piece open on the liner.

Sew liner and outer fabric together-right sides together - only sewing sides.

Press open seams.

Iron in interfacing on straps.

Fold strap in half and sew right sides together leaving ends open.

Pull right side out.

Pin straps to outer fabric with right sides of fabric together. Raw edge of the bag and raw edge of the strap must line up.

Place straps inside and place outer fabric inside of liner with right sides together.

Pull bag right side out by straps through bottom hole.


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