How to create a beautiful simple christmas centerpiece

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I found this at Ikea for $3.99 in the plant area.

I got mine at the dollar store. I used one whole bag of Epsom salt with about a palmful of glass for each jar.

I purchased this at ikea also, it was in the same area as the jars I bought. Mix the Epsom salt and a small amount of glass together. If you don't like the recycled glass you could use glitter.

I got the berries at Michael's. I cut a small piece of the berries so I was left with only 3 or 4 berries per candle.

I also got this greenery at Michael's. I cut only the Fir part from this piece about 2 inched from the tops, and used the rest in a floral arrangement since it looked like I hasn't even touched it.

I cut the burlap into strips long enough to wrap around my candles with just enough left to give me a good base for the glue. Once I had my length I folded the burlap in half (because mine was wider)

Candles I got from IKEA in a 4 pack. I burned the tops of mine just to look better since I won't actually be burning the candles. You could also use flame less candles to give a pretty glow effect.

I wrapped the burlap around the candle and fastened it with a couple beads of hot glue.

Directly opposite of the hot glue or the back, I placed a large bead of hot glue to fasten my greenery.

I attached my greenery first to itself to make a very small bouquet of sorts with green floral twist ties, the I pressed the greenery into the bead of hot glue on the burlap.

One dry I nestles my candle with the burlap and greenery into the Epsom salt and glass combination and TaDa! A beautiful simple Christmas centerpiece. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoined! The most fun thing about this project is it has versatility. Make sure to follow me for more home decorating tips and projects as well as cooking, makeup, and other tips :)

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