How to tone arms with resistance bands

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Begin with a 2-minute warm-up. Complete each exercise for one minute. Do 2-4 sets with 1-minute of jumping jacks between each.

X-Extensions Part I: stand with feet shoulder width apart and the band evenly under each foot. Cross the band so the right side is in the left hand and visa versa. Begin by completing a squat.

X-Extensions Part II: slowly rise up and lift the arms overhead at a 45 degree angle so the resistance band forms an "x". Complete as many as possible in 1-minute.

Side Plank Lift Part I: get into side plank position with the forearm resting on the floor. Hold the distance band in each hand so it does not have slack if hands are a few inches apart.

Side Plank Lift Part II: be sure to keep the shoulder back and the elbow up at all times. Then, slowly lift the free arm straight into the air. Continue for 1-minute, then alternate sides.

Seated Arm Curl: exactly how it sounds! Sit in a chair with the band under the right foot and ends held in the right hand. Slowly curl the arm up while keeping shoulders down and wrist straight.

Hug the World Plie Part I: stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes facing outward, the resistance band evenly underfoot and the ends in each hand. Arms should be straight out to the side.

Hug the World Plié Part II: slowly bend legs into a plié while bringing hands into the center point of the body. Shoulders should be down, back straight, and arms parallel to the floor.

Reaching Rear Row Part I: begin in lunge position with the band under the front foot, holding the end in the opposite hand.

Reaching Rear Row Part II: slowly rise up keeping most if the weight on the front foot. Bend the elbow back while keeping the wrist straight. Hold, then return to lunge. Alternate sides after 1-minute

Front Arm Raise: stand with feet staggered and the resistance band under the front foot. Hold the ends of the band in the same hand. Slowly lift the arm straight up until it is shoulder height.

Front Arm Raise Part II: Lower arm back down and continue for 1-minute before alternating sides.

Side Extensions Part I: Love these!! Start with all fours on the ground, knees under hips and arms under shoulders. Wrap the band around the right foot with the ends in the right hand.

Side Extensions Part I Cont: lift and bend the right leg and arm in towards the midline of the body, making sure that both are as close to parallel to the floor as possible.

Side Extensions Part II: extend the leg straight back and the arm straight in front until both are straight. Be sure to keep hips even the entire time. Continue for 1-minute before alternating sides.

That's one set! Now do 1-minute of jumping jacks and then the entire set again 1-3 more times!! For more workouts and health and fitness tips, check out

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