How to bake an amazing apple pie

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Collect your crust supplies

Have apples ready

Combine flour, sugar, salt and mix

Add cubed chill butter and mix

Add vegetable shortening

Yup there it is.

Add chill water and mix until this!

Mix mix mix... MAGIC

Get your CLEAN table ready

Cut dough

Add dough to table

Role them out till plate size disks

Wrap them in plastic and place in refrigerator

Be-ready apples

Cut cut cut

Size, sorry about focus

Place in bowl

Pretty apples

AAALLL the apples

Don't do this.......

Get your filling supplies out!

Mix e'm all

Add apples and mix

Take your pretty dough out and roooollle it

Fold together and place CAREFULLY in a buttered pie-shape-form

Fold the baby out

Drag the dough into place

Add apples and create a tower

Really tall!

Shape it how ever you find suitable, now put small butter pieces on the apples. If you want to

Place other dough like first

Fold out

Drag the dough and be careful. Set into place by taking the whole palm of your hand and press onto apples

Either use fork or your fingers to make an wavy end

You can choose to do this or not. Now put water, yoghurt or other onto your pie, to make it look great! I choose to take an eggwhite mix it with some cinnamon and water and paint the pie with it !


I had extra dough leftover. Try and Create leafs!

Put a lot of air holes into the pie with a fork and cut 4 lines with a knife so it can breathe

Beaty hah?

Mini pie weigh left over dough

Place in oven for 250 Celsius degrees for 30min

Now let the degree fall to 200 and place a tray under it to catch the juices

Final result. 🙈🙉!!!

Amazing color! Happy eating 😋

Watch the video: Delicious like in paradise! Best Ever Apple Pie! Even my grandma liked it!


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