How to make pasta

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Be sure to measure your flour accurately by shaking the flour into the measuring cup.

Then, taking a flat edge, push off the extra back into the container.

Dump the flour onto the counter top.

Make a well into the flour by pressing the cup into the pile in a circular motion

Measure the salt

Add to the well

Crack your two eggs into the well, also.

Begin stirring the eggs.

Keep stirring until the eggs look scrambled

Begin to pull in the flour around the edges until the eggs don't spread out but stay together.

Keep working the flour into the dough.

You will still have flour left over.

Push the flour and dough together with hands not fingers

Continue to sparingly add flour to make the dough into a ball.

Begin to knead the dough for about 5 minutes.

Pushing down with your palms helps to straighten out the gluten in the flour.

If your hands get too much dough on them, just sprinkle them with flour.

Then rub your hands together over the trash can to clean them off.

When the dough is done being kneaded, let it rest for about 30 minutes. Cover it with plastic wrap.

When dough has rested shape it into a hotdog bun shape and roll it through the pasta roller on the thickest setting.

Fold in half and reinsert it into the roller for 10 more times at the same setting.

Be sure to enter the opened end first by holding the folded edge.

Sometimes you'll need to fold it lengthwise to keep it smaller.

An extra hand helps to do this part.

Continue until you hear a pop in the dough.

Don't pull the dough but just guide it out. Sprinkle flour if needed to keep from sticking to the roller.

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