How to Make Scones

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For this recipe your gonna need a basic scone mix ... Sorry for the bad photography ... Shaky hands :/

And some raisins to add ... You could also use chopped up cherries or other berries ...

Pre heat the oven to 220 degrees c ...

Either lay some baking tray paper on a large tray or grease the tray with butter

Pour all of the mix into a large mixing bowl

Stir in the 150 ml of milk

Kneed the dough and add in the raisins ... Make sure to kneed them all the way through

Pour some flour on the side and start to roll out the dough

Make sure the dough is rolled to 1 inch in thickness

Then you can start cutting out your scones with a round cookie cutter

Place the scone on the tray

Repeat the last steps and at the end of it your tray should be full ... Like this ^^

Put them in the oven

For 15 mins

Now it's time to clean up!!

When their done take them out of the oven and ...

Put them on a cooling rack to let them cool down ...

Then it's time to eat!! Nom nom nom :3

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