How to Switch Beer to Secondary Fermentation

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Young Pharos. Unearth your entombed primary fermenter.

crack the splintered door of your beer tomb and sniff the death. see how to cook beer in order to get to this point young sons of man.

grab your rubber stopper, siphon tube, and airlock. put a teaspoon or so of sanitization solution into some warm water and drown your supplies to death.

also fill your carboy ( secondary fermentation bottle ) with a gallon of hot water. put a teaspoon of sanitization solution in it as well. shake it around to get it all sanitized in there.

elevate your primary so you can use the force of gravity that earth and other planets like it provide for free. more guides on alien forms of gravity soon.

pull off the rubber stop and airlock from the primary to let air into it so when you turn the spout on it will flow beautifully.

dip the end of your siphon tube in hot water. this will make it easier to get on to the spout of the primary fermenter.

squeeze the tube on to the spout at the bottom of the primary. get rough with it.

put the other end of the siphon tube into the carboy below the primary.

turn the spout on and start to transfer the beer into the carboy. catch the first glimpse of your creation young pharos.

look at it. smell it. you can put it in your mouth. taste it.

state at the rotting sludge that is left behind. you can throw this in the trash, and take it out with the other trash on Sunday.

all your beer is in your carboy. now cap it. put a little water in your airlock and stuff the airlock super hard into the rubber stopper. you don't want no air getting in.

open the grave once more and put your carboy into a dark spot. let it sit there for 20 days. go to my profile to see my other guides on how to cook and bottle your beer

now relax. you have about 20 days before bottling. take some tips from the sphinx creatures that parade around your dwelling.

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