How to Organize Easily-Lost Items Using a Grid-It

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Here are some cords and miscellaneous doodads that I grabbed from my backpack. They're a pain to find when I need them. So I use the Grid-It to keep them organized!

Sneak preview of the end result! ( I made this guide to show how great these Grid-It's are. I gave them to my family, but no one understood how to use them. Now they'll know, and you will too! )

First, I put the small items in, finding a length of band that fits the width of the item.

Stacking larger items over smaller ones is really easy, and helps you save space.

For longer cords, you can use two bands. Put the ends of the cords directly underneath a band to secure them.

You don't have to use two bands to secure long loops. If the cord loop is wide enough to stay put, just use one.

The awesome thing about the weave of elastic bands is that there are places for even the smallest of items, like this inch-long flash drive!

You can overlap items in your Grid-It , if a loop doesn't quite fit.

Just be sure that it's secure! I made sure this cord was secure by putting it under another band.

It's not just for cords, either! Here's a four-port USB hub that I'm partially layering on top of some cords I already put in.

You can even triple layer things, if you find you have the space. :)

Look at how beautifully organized all this is! Now you can just slip the Grid-It into your bag, and pull it out whenever you need something from it!

FYIGrid-It's come in multiple sizes. (This is a small one). They're great for travel bags, purses, laptop bags, and backpacks. I found mine at Bed Bath and Beyond & on

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