How to Make a Simple Balloon Bunny Ears Hat

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Here are the supplies...

Cut one balloon in half and tie off the end

Inflate all the balloons fully, giving them a good burp

Twist off a small bubble and control it while you measure child's head

Twist bubble to remained of balloon forming a circle

Twist a bubble off of the "stick" on the hat

Let air out of stick, while keeping control of the bubble and then tie off

Cut off extra hanging bits

Twist a section opposite of where the bubbles are

Now take one of the half balloons

Twist a small bubble on each end and twist them together forming an oval

Do the same to the other half of the balloon

Using the small bubbles at the base of the oval (ear), attach to the hat

Do the same with second half balloon

Cut off the extra bits

Gently fold the ears to give them shape

And place on head :-)

Now smile for the camera ;-)

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Watch the video: DIY Louise Belcher Hat Bobs Burgers


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