How to Make Washi Tape

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Choose your color of tissue paper. I'm using pink, but any color will work depending upon the color of your ink.

Use your pencil's eraser as a stamp. Stamp it in the ink...

And onto the page. You can use any pattern that you would like.

This is the pattern that I used. Make sure your pattern is skinny enough for your double sided tape to cover.

Lay your double sided tape sticky side down on the non stamped side of your tissue paper. My ink bled through, so it didn't matter for me.

Cut out your taped section so that there are no ragged edges of tissue paper on the sides.

The finished product! You can use it to decorate things, tape things together, or identify things as yours. If you come up with any really fun uses for it, let me know in the comments. Enjoy!

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